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Massive Expression Of Solidarity!

Dear Friends,

This is what it was like yesterday, thousands and thousands of people , not only along the corniche but in every street….I went out at around six o’clock and could hardly believe what I saw, people from all different classes, rich and poor, all mingling, all sharing their grievances, children, people in wheel chairs ,loads of women, in burqa, veiled , in skin tight jeans and sleeveless tops with their hair flowing in the wind ,  chanting together “ERHAL”” Leave”  to Morsi. Rue Horreya was like a carnival promenade, people came out from the slums carrying slogans that read “ No electricity, no water, no bread, no solar, just leave”. It was a show of absolute human solidarity.

 We were not given the day off yesterday but , I was told, that no one came to work. Today, only a few of us are back at the BA. People are afraid that if they came to work, they would not be able to get back home . The streets in the morning were almost empty but the crowds will return in the afternoon…it is very hot outside right now but they will return.

Warm regards


Alexandria Egypt 30.6.2013

The Planetarium at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina 30.6.2013

The Corniche, Alexandria Egypt 30.6.2013